Alchemy Items

Alchemist's Mercy 1GP DC 10 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
A fine powder that, when mised with juice or water and consumed, eliminates the effects of a hangover.

Armor Insulation 50GP DC 25 2lb flask Frostburn pg 78
Thick red syrup that is applied to the inside of armor, provides +5 circumstance bonus to fortitude checks to resist cold weather for 24 hours after application.

Armor Soft 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Mildly corrosive red oil that softens metal armor and reduces their armor check penalty by 1 for the next hour. Each use of Armor soft on any given suit causes a 5% cumulative chance or permanent amor failure. Armor soft doesn't work on nonmetal armors but the corrosive effects still apply.

Brittle Bone 30GP DC 20 8oz Libris Mortis pg 73

Bullet, Priest's 20GP DC 15 Glassblowing 10oz Libris Mortis pg 73
Glass orb that contains holy water that can be launched from a sling. Does 1d4 damage to those suseptable to holy water damage.

Burn Salve 15 GP DC 10 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
If applied within 2 rounds of burn injury, it will heal 1d6 points of fire based damage.

Cooling Gel 100GP DC 20 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
A cold blue gel that provides a +1 resistance bonus to flame or heat attacks for a half hour or heals 1d6 points of burn damage if applied within an hour.

Courier's Ink 20GP DC 20 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Invisible ink that turns red when soaked with revealing solution.
Since Courier's Ink is invisible until revealed scribing the precise symbols needed for spells is impossible.

Devil's Soap 25GP DC 20 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 58
Foul smelling black paste that grants fire resistance 2 for an hour.

Disapearing Ink 5GP DC 15 Tome and Blood pg 72
After a set period of time, usually an hour, the writing vanishes.
Applying heat to the paper makes the ink reappear
A spot or search chek DC20 reveals traces of faded writing

Dragon's Brew 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 58
A thick liquid that grants increased stamina and dulls pain. Imbibier is granted +1 alchemical bonus to all Fortitude saves for an hour

Elf Hazel 5GP DC 10 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
A weeks worth of applications of this clear liquid remove any previously healed scars

Embalming Fire 20GP DC 20 8oz Libris Mortis pg 73
Used to treat zombie bodies. If the zombie takes even a single point of damage, it's bodie bursts into blue flame for a minute. The fire doesn't harm the zombie but allows it to do an additional 1d6 fire damage to it's slam attacks. One vial is enough to treat a medium sized zombie.

Firebane 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
This thick grease provides Fire Resistance 10 against one fire based attack.
Firebane is potent for half an hour and can be washed off with water.
If Firebane is left on for more than an hour it causes 1 point of subdual damage per minute.

Fire Beatle Paste 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Thick reddish paste distilled from fire beatle glands burns fiercely when ignited.
One container yields a half inch line one yard long when spread that burns for 1d4 rounds doing 3d6 damage per round that halves hardness before applying damage.
A container can be ignited and use as a torch, and will not splatter or stick if thrown.

FireStone 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Small orange greandelike weapon that bursts into flame, upon striking a hard object, dealing 1d6 fire damage within the 5ft square it lands in. Fires lit by a firestone burn normally.

Flashpellet 50GP DC25 Tome and Blood pg 72
Bead sized grenade like weapon explodes on impact.
All sighted creatures within 10ft must REF SAV DC15 or be dazzled for 1 minute.
Dazzled creatures suffer -1 on attack rolls.

Flash Powder 20GP DC 20 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Silky grey mildly exposive powder that burns to quickly to cause damage but brilliantly enough to provide enough of a distraction to allow someone who was under observation a hide check and to cause a -5 penalty to spot checks to anyone who looked directly at the flash for 5 rounds.

Free Foot 25GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
This oil makes up to a 5ft square area exceptionally slippery. Any creature crossing the affected are must make a DC 15 reflex save or fall down. A successfull save is required to regain their footinf and another successfull save is required to leave the area. Large and multilegged creatures only suffer the effect if all of their feet are in affected areas.
If Free Foot and Tanglewire are used together the victum must pass both saves to leave the area or will be subject to both effects on the following round

Freeze Powder 100GP DC 25 1lb vial Frostburn pg 78
Salt looking substance will freeze up to a cubic foot of liquid or a 10ft square of wet surface. Ingesting Freeze Powder causes 2d6 cold damage DC15 Fortitude save for half damage.

Frost Lotion 15 GP DC 10 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 54
This lotion can heal 1d6 points of cold damage if applied within 2 rounds of the injury.

Frostbite Salve 50GP DC 20 1lb jar Frostburn pg 78
Pale yellow cream suppresses 2 points of ability damage caused by frostbite for up to an hour after application.

Gash Glue 40GP DC 20 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 54
Thick gray glue that when applied can stabilize a dying creature.

Globe of Trap Springing 30GP DC 20 4lbsDungeons by AEG pg ?
6 inch diameter, 4lb ball of black springy material used to test for pressure plates. Range increment of 15ft, causes no damage but hits with force equal to 50+ throwers strength in pounds, and then bounces back half the distance it was thrown. A man sized object or 5 square floor section usually is AC 10.
It takes week and 10GP of materials to make such a globe.

Glowpowder 50GP DC 20 Tome and Blood pg 72
Fine Luminescent powder that clings and glows for minute once released. It is not bright enough to provide usefull illumination. It comes in tube that allows it to be blown out into a 10' cone, a standard action that provokes an attack of oppurtunity. Alternatively it can be caredully sprinkled to cover up to 125 square feet, 5 square feet per round.
Provides a +2 circumstance bonus to search checks in affected area an reduces the concealement bonus of invisible creatures down to a 20% miss chance.

Goblin Ink 20GP DC 10 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
waterproof ink that can not be distorted by water after it dries

Ghostoil 50GP DC25 1lb Libris Mortis pg 73
Wepons treated with Ghostoil ignore the miss percentage associated with incorporeal undead for the duration

Healing Salve 50GP DC 25 Tome and Blood pg 72
As a full round action, one rubs this stinky green paste into a wound and it heals 1d8 points of damage per dose.
If you have 5 or more ranks in profession herbalist you receive a +2 synergy bous to craft it.

Holdfast 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
A small pouch of tanglefoot solution attached to a rope, quiter and smaller than a grappling hook. Range increments of 10ft and holds up to 200lb of weight for 1d4+3 rounds. Any miss has a 50% chance of breaking the pouch. Creatures hit can break the hold with a DC 27 strength check or sever the rope.

Ice Chalk 15GP DC 20 Frostburn pg 78
Waxy sticks, in various colors, that write on Ice like chalk marks slate.

Ice Crystal 5GP DC 15 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Small rock crystal that becomes as cold as ice when immersed in water. Reverts to normal temperature upon removal from water.

Icewalker Oil 75GP DC 35 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
Icy blue liquid that when applied to feet allows the user to traverse ice and snow as if under the effects of the spider climb spell.

Insect Repellent 5GP DC 15 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Strong smelling liquid keeps tiny or smaller insects at bay for 4 hours. Larger or magically compelled insects must make a DC 12 will save to approach. The benefit is lost if the protected charecter attacks the insect.

Instant Glue 120GP DC 25 2lbs Dungeons by AEG pg ?
A small jar containing 8 doses of a thick white paste that dries 6 seconds asfter it is exposed to air. Each dose can cover one square foot and requires a DC 15 strength check to seperate bonded items. If an object already has a DC higher than 15 the glue incurs a -2 circumstance penalty to any attpempts.
In an emergency Instant Glue can be used to stabilize the dying but inflicts 1d4 damage. It requires a DC 20 heal check to remove Intant Glue from skin or the patient suffers 1d4 damage in the proccess. If the jar is ever left open longer than what is needed to apply it 1d6 doses will harden and become useless

Instant Rope 75GP DC 25 Alchemy DC 15 Craft:Leatherworking Dungeons by AEG pg ?
A large waterskin bladder filled with a pudding like blue substance that hardens into a high quality rope one minute after being exposed to air, and then disintergrates into a fine powder 2 hours later. Instant rope has 8hps per strand and a burst point of DC 25 and incurs a -2 penalty to rope use checks. Each pouch holds enough material to make 300ft of rope and if it takes 4 or more points of damage the remaining material hardens and become useless.

Journeyman Serum 5GP DC 5 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
provides a +2 alchemical bonus to resist taking subdual damage ehile making a forced march.

Lantern Stars 5GP DC 10 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
Fist sized glass globe that gives off light equal to a torch for 4 hours, without heat or smoke.

Liquid Ice 30GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Viscous liquid that freezes upon exposure to air.
One vial can freeze the surface of 10ft by 10ft area of water or extinguish a like sized area of fire.
Used as a grenade like weapon causes 1d6 cold damage on a direct hit and 1 point of splash damage.

Liquid Night 150GP DC25 8oz Libris Mortis pg 73
Protects sunlight sensitive undead from the harmfull effects of sunlight.

Melt Powder 25GP DC 20 1lb vial Frostburn pg 78
Melts up to 1 cubic foot of ice, or 1 inch deep 10 ft square area. Hazardous to Cold Subtype creatures, causing 2d6 acid damage if ingested, DC fortitude save for half damage, bitter tasting to everyone else.

Memorybind 300GP DC 30 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 58
Thin red liquid that if drank while preparing spells for the day allows imbiber to prepare an additional 1st level spell. Memorybind disrupts the natural flow of magic however and reduces the DC of all spells cast that day by 2.

Mindfire 200GP DC 30 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 55
Mindfire is combined with ingested poisons to add a powerfull mind clouding effect. If the victum fails either save they suffer a -2 on all will saves and must make concentration checks at DC 15+spell level to cast any spells for the next hour.

Night Eyes 25GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Thick greasy substance that take a full round to apply and grants low light vision. The low light vision lasts 10 minutes. The eyes become unnaturally sensitive to light for the duration of the effect, and bright sources of bright light (daylight spell eyc..) cause a -1 penalty to attack rolls.

Night Venom 500GP DC 35 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 55
when night venom is added ro a poison it grants an additional sleep effect to the poison. If victum fails the poison's initial save they must make an additional save at the same DC or fall into a fitfull slumber untill the poisons secondary effect sets in. The victum can be awakend by normal means.

Oakdeath 100GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 55
Viscous brown liquid that when added to poison increses the poisons DC by 2 for a hour. Oakdeath is as illegal to use as poison.

Phantom Ink 10GP DC 20 Tome and Blood pg 72
Similar to dissappearing ink but can only be read under a certain type of light.
Firelight Phantom Ink is revealed by candles, torches, and other flames.
Magical Light Phantom Ink is revealed by dancing lights, continual flames.
Moonlight Phantom Ink is revealed by Moonlight
Starlight Phantom Ink is revealed by Starlight and is usually only visible to those with Darkvision

Polar Skin 25GP DC 25 1lb flask Frostburn pg 78
Dull white cream, takes a minute to apply and lasts up to an hour, protects the wearer by absorbing up to 5 points of cold damage. These effects do not stack with and are superseeded by any form of magical protection.

Powdered Water 5SP DC 10 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51
Sparkling white powder in watertight container. Mix one ounce of powder with a single drop of water and a round later it expands into a gallon of drinkable water.

PureBalm 75 GP DC 35 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
Clear syrupy substance that when applied between the initial and secondary effects of a contact or injury poison turns black and absorbs some of the poison giving a +8 alchemical bonus to resist the poison's secondary effect.

Razor Ice Powder 50GP DC 25 1lb vial Frostburn pg 78
Granular white powder that transforms up to a 5 ft square patch of icy surface into razorice (see page 16 of Frostburn).

If sprinkled on any natural weapon possesed by a cold subtype creature it provides a +1 enhancement bonus to slashing damage for an hour.

Red Rager 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 51

Scenses 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
A foul tasting tea that sharpen hearing and sight, providing a +1 alchemical bonus to spot and listen checks for an hour.

ScentBreaker 20GP DC 15 Tome and Blood pg 72
Alchemical compound to confuse creatures with the scent ability. Small grenade like pouch can be thrown in 10ft range increments or scattered over a 5ft area. Affected creatures make a fortitude save, DC 18 for a direct hit, DC 15 otherwise, or lose scent abilty for 1 minute. After the minute affected creatures must make a second save or lose thier scent ability for an hour.
If you have 5 or more ranks in herbalist proffession you recevie a +2 synergy bouns to craft it.

ShineWater 10GP DC 5 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
An overnight rust remover and polishing solution. One dose of shine water if enough to treat one medium sized weapon or simarly sized object.

SlimeBane 15GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 52
Grenade like weapon that does 1d6 acid damge to ooze type creatures.

Slippery Oil 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 52

Sneezing Powder 60GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 52

Softshoe Powder 25GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 52

Soupstone 300GP DC 15 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 52

Stonecloth 100GP per sq ft Alchemy DC 25 Craft Weaving DC 15 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 52

Suregrip 20GP DC 20 Tome and Blood pg 72
A gooey substance that provied a +2 circumstance bonus to grip for 10 minutes.
Applied to hands grants bonus to climbing, holding, and grappling.
Applied to Rope, grants bonus to Use Rope when binding or tying knots.
Applied to Feet, grants bouns to Balance checks.

Tangle Wire 25GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 53

Titan Gum 25GP DC 15 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
Particularly strong and fast setting glue. Hardens to full strength in a single round and an support up to 500 lbs before breaking. Require DC 20 Strengh check to seperate glued items.

Traveller's Solace 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 52

Truth Wine 75GP DC 30 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 52

Vapors of Sleep 50GP DC 25 Dragon Magazine 280 pg 52

Vine Oil 50GP DC 15 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
This fishy smelling oil when spread over the body numbs the body to pain for an hour. This allows the user to fight below 0 hit points all the way until they reach -5 hit points. Vine oil however robs the user of the ability to stabilize below 0 hit points naturally on their own.

Whale Grease 75GP DC 25 2lb flask Frostburn pg 78
Pungent smelling clear grease take s a minute to apply but completely protects you from hypothermia for an hour. The strong odor however allows ceratures that track by sent to track you at twice the normal distance. Whale grease is not water soluable but is removed easily with alchohol.

White Sanguine 100GP DC 20 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 55
A milky white viscous substance to combine with injury poisons to prevent clotting. If the victum fails the posion's initial save their wounds will bleed for one minute, inflicting 1 point of damage per round in blood loss. A DC 15 heal check or any cure spell will stop the bleeding.

Wittlewort Brew 30GP DC 15 Dragon Magazine 301 pg 53
Grants the creature an immediate saving throw to resist the effects of enchantment spells or effects they are under. If the enchantment did not allow and initial saving throw, wittlewort will have no effect.