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Sisters Of Battle

All the following models are bare metal, unless noted otherwise

8051D Imperial Psyker - 2 figs MIB
8033H Primaris Psyker - MIB
8038Z Uriah Jacobson - MIB
8038Y Imperial Confessor Kyrinov - MIB
8049M Battle Sister Cannoness - MIB

Sister Superior - x7
Sister Superior Conversions - x3 Serephim Superior body on Howling Banshee legs Sister with Standard - x1
Sister with Multimelta - x5
Sister with Heavy Flamer - x2
Sister with Heavy Bolter x6 - 5 bare 1, assembled and primed black
Sister with Bolter x 61 - 50 bare, 11 assembled and primed black
Sister with Flamer - x4
Sister with Meltagun - x4

Serephim Sister Superior - x3
Serephim Sister with twin Bolt pistols - x14
Serephim Sister with twin hand flamers - x3

Immolator MKI - x3 assembled, primed black, turret removable
Exorcist MKI - x1 Immolator/Whirlwind kitbash assembled, primed black, turret removable


All offers for trade will recieve a polite a prompt responce.
If you want to offer me cash then offer me cash, All emails of "How Much?" will be ignored.

Please send me a list of your trade items when making me any offers.

I have a 100+ Trade Rating on Bartertown