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Black Wraith class Pirate Escort
Original from Harlock (Christopher Haak)and then modified to my liking by me (Adam Souza)                                                           100 points

Pirates of the first frontier in the Tamahl Sector were the first to fight the Grey Ghost and suffered major losses to the imperial fleet. The Pirates led by Blackheart launched a counterstrike seizing and capturing 3 of the 10 Ghost\'s that had been assigned to the fleet. 4 others were destroyed totally and 1 was damaged. Rommel, the Imperial fleets admiral had not expected such retaliation from the pirates and was executed for his incompetence. Chevron, the Admiral\'s Aide was promoted to fleet commander and the battle continued. The Pirate fleet were unable to use the advanced sensory and communication systems that the Grey ghost used and with the help of the excommunicate Techpreist, known only as Horse, they rebuilt the Grey ghost into an assault vessel capable of using the Shade Defence system as well as a teleport array capable of sending a 50 man assault squad onto the enemy ship. The Size of the teleporter array means that a force large enough to attack even a battleship can be sent. Against smaller ships the crew can be abducted and replaced with a pirate skeleton crew.

Disruptor Array
 see below

Shade Defence System -
    Due to the low sensor signature and size of this ship with the assistance of this system it may hide in the shadow of larger ships and Celestial phenomenon. If the Wraith is within 15cm of Celestial phenomenon or a larger ship it may not be shot at unless it is the closest target and it is treated as ordnance (far column on Battery table and requires 6 to hit).
Due to the increased energy emission the Shade Defence System can not be used on the same turn as All Ahead Full special orders

Disruptor Array-
    To allow the teleporter to function properly the shields of the target need to be shut down. This weapon uses a rapid pulse of Ionic blasts to shut down the targets shields. It hits on a 4+ and each hit allows you to roll again until you miss. This weapon can deal no damage but each hit places a blast marker against the target.

Advanced Teleporter Array -
    Stripping all of the systems from the main bay left the Wraith without a great communication system but allowed the installation of a large troop deck and teleporter array. The array can be used to conduct a teleporter attack against any ship not just a smaller one.
    Against Escorts, instead of a standard teleporter attack the Black Wraith can attempt to Teleport the enemy crew off ship and replace them members of the Black Wraith pirate crew. As a special order the Black Wraith can attempt a Ld test that if it passes the Escort is captured and is now under your control. Only 1 escort can be captured in this manner per battle, as there is a limit to how many skilled shipjackers are available.
   If a double is rolled the Advanced Teleporter Array is overloaded and can not be used again for the remainder of the battle.

Special: -
Because of the lack of communication systems the Wraith may not use any of the Admirals rerolls or be assigned to a squad. The Wraith may use rerolls if the Admiral is on board but then no other ship in the fleet may use them.

Rare: Due to the rarity of advanced tech in this ship, you may only have 1 Black Wraith class escort per fleet 

Improved Thrusters: The Wraith has 5d6 on all ahead full.